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    Rule & regulation. Empty Rule & regulation.

    Post  aikou on Sun Jun 14, 2009 11:30 pm

    As the leader of Sanctuary i would like to state down some House rule.

    Rule & Regulation

    1.Respect all member and treat each and everyone like a family member to you.
    2.No sexy Harassment and show gentleman to the lady in the guild.
    3.NO ONE have the right to expell anyone out of the guild if you don't like him/her.ONLY ME have the right to do so with a valid reasons.(depute leader take note )
    4.Do Not take thing for granted. ( example : let join this guild and they will power level us , after that let left the guild to make our own. )
    5.Don't be a selfish person.
    6.No flaming in the forum.
    7.No begging of item.
    8.No continuous spamming in guild chat unreasonably.
    9.Do not be a backstabber saying one another bad thing behind they back ( If you have some issue with one another , inform me and i will resolve the problem .
    10.Be patient if i don't reply to your message and private message me again as i may miss your message.Hope you all understand.
    11.Enjoy the guild

    Left no man behind.

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